Sportz – Manchester United 4 Norwich City 0 match report: Adnan Januzaj dazzles and Javier Hernandez fires to overwhelm limp Canaries in League Cup

JIMMY ODUMUYIWA @le_visibilitybloG

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The days since Manchester United last lost a football match tick up to 32 and though there will be few more feeble challenges than this, the sense that David Moyes is beginning to find stability gathers strength.

A third successive win was decorated by the match-winning performance of a beaming two-goal Javier Hernandez who, with 54 goals in 125 United games now, should not be feeling as uncertain about his future as the words attributed to him and the Tottenham rumours suggest. He has been a substitute in 75 of those games. That will often be his role now. But here was enough to tell Moyes that he warrants more than the one league start and one in Europe that this season has brought. All in all, the victory was a parable about the less appreciated talents

Wilfried Zaha’s place in the starting XI delivered him the chance…

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