ASUP STRIKE: Who Will Save Poly Students?

They lie to us that our shadows are real. They
condition us to drop our brawns and pick up
the books so that we can be useful to the
society. They tell us that we have the power to
save the future while they do everything to
murder our present. Is this the transformation
we dream of?
That we will struggle through spells of broken
That our lecturers would go on strike for
eternity? That our maidens will become road-
side harlots passing the Nights with pot-
bellied fat cows in our cities? That our guys
evolve into roving urchins,fraudsters,club
riders and terrors of the Neighborhood?
Who will rescue poly students from men bereft
of hearts?
At every promising dawn of the day,we
helplessly garner our tears in baskets while
our leaders bask in the radiance of political
rallies. If they were men on the street,they
would understand the shadows of sorrow and
orgies of anger hanging behind our smiles and
relish to life. We are jaded,we are weeping,we
are angry.Who will rescue poly students from
men bereft of hearts?
Over 8 months,they left us to our own device.
When we summon guts to express our
discontents via protest,they call us
”miscreants”. When we harden and gather our
muscles to reach up to the sky through all
available means,they jail us and execute us
behind the prison forgetting that we are the
products of their decadence.Forgetting that
they fail to educate us and so,we find
education some where else. Who will rescue
poly students from men bereft of heart?
We shall not forget the shoeless story bearer
who took our dog-eared shoes off our feet. We
will continue to remember the meek and
humble Goodluck that perverted our shining
luck in rant and rage. Whenever we stand bare
to narrate the tales that chronicle our rise to
victory,we shall refer to Nyesom Wike, Okonjo
Iweala and others who left our destiny
crawling and our hope hanging on the
Posterity will remember all who intruded our
world and made us the scum of the earth,in
suspicion and derision. The thrust of karma
shall pay them all in their own perks.
who will rescue polytechnic students from men
bereft of hearts? Is it the society that left us in
our grief or the media that pretended to be
unaware of the state of polytechnics?
Shall we take destiny into our hands or call on
God to deliver us from the scourge of our
merciless leaders? The latter remains the
alternative that will serve our course! Lets call
on GOD. team appeal to the
Federal Government, as a matter of national
importance, to put an end to the on-going
Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, (ASUP)
strikes. The government must act fast to save
students from academic frustration because of
the protracted actions.


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