(VIDEO) Watch Tiwa And Tee-Billz Fairytale Wedding Trailer(Video Download)

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Tiwa And Tee Billz Wedding na die!  The creme de la creme of the Nigerian entertainment industry were present at Tiwa and T-billz traditional wedding at the Ark Center Lekki on the 23rd of November to make the day a memorable one.

You’ve seen the photos…now watch their beautiful fairy tale wedding trailer below;


Exclusive Photos: Tiwa Savage And Tee Billz Traditional Wedding!


Tiwa Savage has this to say about her husband “He is my soul mate, my brother, my business partner, my baby DADDY and my loverwhen you see him, you think he is this tough guy who always means business, but he has a sweet heart and is very playful.”

Meanwhile, KFB brought you the un-official photos on Saturday, well here are the official photos (courtesy of Bellanaija), they are indeed breathtaking!  more picz below; Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-95-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-1091-526x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-93-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-251-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-83-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingB-1-600x321 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-18-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-19-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-211-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-251-600x400 (1) Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-26-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-30-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-321-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-34-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-351-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-391-436x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-20-600x445 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-11-600x539 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-89-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-331-600x596 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-36-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-38 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-100-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-1071-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-105-400x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-541-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-110-454x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-73-400x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-74-400x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-64-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-212-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingA-34-399x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-201-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-70-600x507 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingA-29-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-66-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-68-600x444 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-77-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-6-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-731-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-81-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-4-400x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-51-400x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-673-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingA-90-399x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-96-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-610-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingA-59-392x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-111-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-183-323x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-192-387x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingA-92-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-125-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-127-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingA-62-351x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingA-61-461x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-551-600x555 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-1101-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingA-103-399x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingA-105-399x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaijaTiwa-Savage-WeddingA-101-600x400 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-732-600x486 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-121-400x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-13-400x600 Tiwa-Savage-Traditional-Wedding-Tee-Billz-TJ-Balogun-BellaNaija1-821-600x595

(MUZIK) @IamReil_C ~ Kelemo ft SYM19

reil c- kelemo 600x600Every Year, history is always made as a new artiste crops up to make a head way to de A list in the Nigeria Music Industry.

Today marks the beginning of another history in the making as, Chijioke Ojuluchukwu professionally know as RIEL_C drops his second official single titled “KELEMO”. This Time around he Featured another Very fast rising artiste “SYM19″. KELEMO came as a back up to the much rotated dance hall track “COOL STORY” which was released by July.

REIL C’s forte centers on Afro and Fugi, Seat Back Listen and share with friendsand Enjoy

shexmen~~~>DOWNLOAD HERE

Nigerian Man Beaten Almost To Death In India


Locals seem to be targeting Nigerians in India for no good reason. On October 30, a 37 year old man Obado Uzoma Simeon was murdered in Parra village, North Goa, India. Aside from Uzoma, several other Nigerians have been harassed, assaulted and beaten by the locals and Indian police isn’t doing anything about the targeted violence. Locals claim the Nigerians being targeted are drug dealers.

Angry Nigerians staged a protest in India last week over Uzoma’s killing. They attacked the police vehicle carrying his body, removed the body from the van and kept it on the road, blocking traffic in the area (pic above ). The protest led to the arrest of several Nigerians who have since been released.nigerians_protest_goa_360

Nigerians in India have been complaining bitterly about how the locals are maltreating them. And there’s actually a directive from Goa’s Chief Minister to police to track down Nigerians living illegally in the state and deport them. A few days after the protest, a minister in state added fuel to the fire by refering to Nigerians as cancer.

Short Stop: Famous Duo, Aki And Pawpaw Stopped From Shooting Movie in Kumasi, Ghana


Infamous comic duo Aki and Pawpaw have been abruptly stopped from shooting a movie in Kumasi with other actors including Kwadjo ‘Liwin’ Nkansah.

The surprising bad news came from the Film Producers’ Association of Ghana (FIPAG), this was due to the fact that the director of the movie had breached some of the association’s regulations.

Mr. Michael Ola, PRO for the association who disclosed this in an exclusive interview with NYDJ live explained the association had no qualms with the duo but believed the right procedure had to be followed especially when the new executives of the association had laid out new strategies to make the industry a better one.

Nigerian Actors and Actresses ‘Nollywood Crooners’

Here is the list of popular Nigerian actors and actresses who shape the presence and future of Nollywood. There are also some actors and actresses from Ghana and Cameroon because of their roles in Nollywood films.

Can you spot your favourite actor / actress? Simply reply to this post and state the name of the actor / actress and why you have chosen him / her.

You can also post the picture of your favourite actor / actress. If any name is missing, please add it as a reply to this post. Thanks.

It’s FUN!

1.   2Face Idibia
2.   Abergail Brigette Plaatjes
3.   Ada Ameh
4.   Ada Aronu
5.   Adaora Ukoh
6.   Afam Okereke
7.   Akindele Olufunke Ayotunde
8.   Akume Akume
9.   Alex Lopez
10.   Amaechi Muonagor
11.   Anita Hogan
12.   Ashley Nwosu
13.   Azizat Sadiq
14.   Barbara Ukattah
15.   Benedict Johnson
16.   Benita Nzeribe
17.   Bimbo Akintola
18.   Blessing Effiom
19.   Bob-Manuel Obidimma Udokwu
20.   Bruno Iwuoha
21.   Bukky Ajayi
22.   Camilla Mberekpe
23.   Caroline Ekanem
24.   Charles Inojie
25.   Charles Novia
26.   Charles Okafor
27.   Chidi Ihezie-Okafor
28.   Chidi Mokeme
29.   Chiege Alisigwe
30.   Chigozie Atuanya
31.   Chika Ike
32.   Chinedu Osita
33.   Chinelo Ndigwe
34.   Chinyere Wilfred
35.   Chioma Chukwuka
36.   Chiwetalu Agu
37.   Chris Bassey
38.   Clarion Chukwura
39.   Clem Ohameze
40.   Cynthia Agholor
41.   Darlene Benson-Cobham
42.   Desmond Elliot
43.   Dickson Iroegbu
44.   Ebele Okaro
45.   Ebube Nwagbo
46.   Ejike Asiegbu
47.   Ekwi Onwuemene
48.   Emeka Ani
49.   Emeka Enyiocha
50.   Emeka Ike
51.   Emeka Okoro
52.   Emeka Ossai
53.   Emem Isong
54.   Emma Ayalogu
55.   Empress Njamah
56.   Enebeli Elebuwa
57.   Eric Nwadinobi
58.   Ernest Obi – Actor/ Producer/Director
59.   Eucharia Anunobi-Ekwu
60.   Fabian Adibe
61.   Femi Brainard
62.   Femi Branch
63.   Florence Onuma
64.   Franca Brown
65.   Francis Duru
66.   Fred Amata
67.   Fred Aseroma
68.   Funmi Holder
69.   Genevieve Nnaji
70.   Gentle Jack
71.   Georgina Onuoha
72.   Grace Amah
73.   Hank Anuku
74.   Hilda Dokubo
75.   Ibinabo Fiberesima
76.   Ifeoma Okeke
77.   Ijeoma Imo
78.   Ine Ikpe
79.   Ini Edo
80.   Jackie Appiah
81.   jennifer Awazie
82.   Jennifer Chioma Eliogu
83.   Jeta Amata
84.   Jide Kosoko
85.   Jim Iyke
86.   Jim Lawson Maduike
87.   Joan Agabi
88.   John Okafor ( Mr Ibu)
89.   Johnpaul Nwadike
90.   Joke Silva
91.   JT Tom West
92.   Judith Mazagwu
93.   Juliet Ibrahim
94.   Jummai Joseph
95.   Justus Esiri
96.   Kalu Ikeagwu
97.   Kanayo .O. Kanayo
98.   Kate Henshaw-Nuttal
99.   Kelvin Ideduba
100.   Kenneth Chukwu
101.   Kenneth Okonkwo
102.   Keppy Bassey Ekpenyong
103.   King Joe Okechukwu
104.   Ladi Torty
105.   Lancelot Imasuen
106.   Lanre Balogun
107.   Larry Kolsweat
108.   Leo Mezie
109.   Lilian Bach
110.   Liz Benson
111.   Lola Alao
112.   Lola Alao
113.   Mark Georgewill
114.   Mary Remy
115.   Mary Uranta
116.   Maureen Solomon
117.   Mercy Johnson
118.   Michael Ezuruonye
119.   Michael Okon
120.   Monalisa Chinda
121.   Moses Armstrong
122.   Nadia Buari
123.   Name: Racheal Tabuno Oniga
124.   Nana Ama McBrown
125.   Ngozi Ezeonu
126.   Ngozi Nwosu
127.   Nkem Owoh
128.   Nkiru Sylvanus
129.   Nobert Young
130.   Nonso Diobi
131.   Nse Ikpe Etim
132.   Nuella Njubigbo
133.   Oby Edozie
134.   Oby Kechere (Ms Koi Koi)
135.   Ofiafuluagu Mbaka
136.   Oge Okoye
137.   Okey Bakassi
138.   Olu Jacobs
139.   Omoni Oboli Sophie
140.   Omotola Ekeinde
141.   Onyeka Onwenu
142.   Padita Agu
143.   Pat Attah
144.   Patience Ozokwor
145.   Patrick Doyle
146.   Paul Obazele
147.   Pete Edochie
148.   Peter Bruno
149.   Queen Nwokoye
150.   Ramsey Nouah
151.   Regina Askia
152.   Remi Oshodi
153.   Rich Oganiru
154.   Richard Mofe Damijo
155.   Rita Dominic
156.   Rita Edochie
157.   Rita Nzelu
158.   Rukky Sanda
159.   Saidi Balogun
160.   Saint Obi
161.   Sam Dede
162.   Sam Loco Efe
163.   Sam Uche Anyamele
164.   Sandra Achums
165.   Segun Arinze
166.   Shan George
167.   Sharon Ezeamaka
168.   Smith Asante
169.   Sola Sobowale
170.   Sophia Tchidi Chikere
171.   Stella Damasus-Aboderin
172.   Steph-Nora Okere
173.   Susan Patrick
174.   Thelma Nwosu
175.   Thelma Okoduwa
176.   Tonto Dike
177.   Tony Umez
178.   Tuvi James
179.   Uche Ama Abriel ( Osotule)
180.   Uche Elendu
181.   Uche Iwuji
182.   Uche Jombo
183.   Uche Michael
184.   Uchenna Ogbodo
185.   Ufuoma Ejonobor
186.   Van Vicker
187.   Vanessa Nzediegwu
188.   Victor Osuagwu
189.   Vida Darko
190.   Yemi Blaq
191.   Yemi Solade
192.   Yvonne Jegede
193.   Zack Orji
194.   Zulu Adigwe